Did Bullies Force Taylor Swift into Hiding?


Nowadays, in the event that you hear anybody discussing Taylor Swift, your first response might be "Taylor Swift who?"

All things considered, not by any stretch of the imagination. You'd likely feign exacerbation and attempt to change the subject, however you see where we're running with this.

Taylor's been remaining out of the spotlight throughout recent months. Other than discharging that 50 Shades Darker music video with Zayn Malik and performing at Super Bowl pre-show, she's essentially been secluded from everything.

It's important that at that pre-appear, she told the gathering of people that "I'm just doing one show in 2017, and to the extent I know, this is show."

She's scarcely been via web-based networking media but to advance those couple of ventures, and she hasn't been seen by paparazzi in almost two months.

It's an abnormal move for the greatest pop star on the planet.

While this is a strong hypothesis and we can trust that Taylor is having a ton of fun simply carrying on with her life far from the spotlight, we envision spooks aren't the main reason she's been staying silent.

How about we not overlook, the young lady had a truly awful year a year ago.

You know, for Taylor Swift.

She said a final farewell to Calvin Harris and snared with Tom Hiddleston before long, starting swindling bits of gossip and starting the most humiliating romance ever.

Pundits and fans alike gave her the side-eye for how she carried on with him, and they separated following a couple of months together.

Around a similar time, Kim Kardashian discharged a specific arrangement of recordings of a discussion amongst Taylor and Kanye West.

The recordings demonstrated that Taylor had lied about Kanye getting some information about her in his tune "Well known," and they likewise demonstrated that Taylor was playing the casualty in their restored quarrel.

At that point, when decision season was in progress, she never stood up at about the competitors, making many individuals blame her for being a "fake women's activist" who just uses the development when it can make her look great.

Right up 'til the present time, despite everything she hasn't let out the slightest peep against Donald Trump, which, to many, isn't OK.

So it's most likely safe to state that she's sitting tight for a considerable measure of those recollections to blur before she tries to drop her next uber hit collection, you know?

That is the way the Taylor Swift amusement is played, all things considered.


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