Pink is legitimately OBESE!


Pink, best known for being an astonishing vocalist with a stunning disposition and astounding hair, has as of late experienced a tiny bit of a change.

What's more, she is presently obese.

Without a doubt.

In any case, as usual, it's not precisely what you think.

Pink, who brought forth her second tyke in late December, shared another photograph of herself in which she is by all accounts working out.

What's more, in the inscription of the photograph, she gave her present weight, alongside her stature. What's more, those details together make her in fact hefty.

You can as of now advise this will be silly, isn't that so?

Before you pound your head against the closest divider until all the franticness stops, please simply look at the magnificent message she included alongside the pic.

"Would you trust I'm 160 pounds and 5'3?" she asked her fans. "By 'general models' that makes me hefty."

"I know I'm not at my objective or anyplace close it after Baby 2," she conceded, "yet damn it I don't feel hefty."

"The main thing I'm feeling is myself."

There's the Pink we know and love!

She included a little recommendation - "Remain off that scale women!" - alongside the hashtags "feeling myself," "solid is my objective," "body objectives," "get it in," and "GI Jane is my WCW."

What's more, it's all valid. So, genuine.

Pink looks so delightful, much the same as usual, and she's constantly enlivened such a large number of individuals. This most recent sermon - you know the lady is lecturing here - is the same.

Keep it up, Pink. Everlastingly, ideally.

You're really great, young lady.


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